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CLIP has been working in Gainsborough since 2008, and recently moved premises from The Foundry Learning Centre to The Bridge. We offer a programme for 16-18s called Flare as well as accredited and non-accredited courses for adults.

We support those looking for employment through our weekly Job Club (Friday mornings 10.00 – 12.00) and are happy to assist anyone looking to explore their learning options.

Free computer access is also available.

Opening Times
  • Mon: 1200 – 1500
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  • Thu: 0090 – 1500
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The Centre has disabled access to the downstairs computer room/classroom and courses will be scheduled according to the needs of our learners.

On site disabled car parking is available on request.

Equality and Diversity


CG Partnership as an organization is committed to ensuring equal access to education and training for all potential learners (within funding provision eligibility).
We acknowledge the unique contribution that all learners, volunteers and our staff team members bring in terms of their culture, ethnicity, race, age, religion, disability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, education, experiences, opinions and beliefs.

Have a look at our Equality and Diversity page to know more...


Centre Provision

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Forthcoming Courses

NOTE: Concessions are usually available for learners who are retired or claiming benefits

Improvers IT DNWL

| Start date Friday 25/01/2019 | Length: 7 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 10

Maths - Functional Skills Entry/Level 1 **ACCREDITED**

You will develop the knowledge and skills of addition, subtraction and multiplying two-figure numbers by numbers up to 9, You will start to work with different units of measurement and perform simple calculations with money, weight and distance, You will also learn to lay out and calculate division problems. This course will also help you to apply mathematical concepts to everyday situations and supports progression to Functional Maths at Level 1/Level 2. | Start date Thursday 07/02/2019 | Length: 20 Wks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 0

English - Functional Skills Entry/Level 1 **ACCREDITED**

The course starts with basic work in reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation. The course will then continue to develop your everyday English skills - reading different types of document and improving writing - sentence construction, paragraphs, basic letter writing and completing forms. It enables possible progression to Level 1/Level 2 Functional English. | Start date Friday 08/02/2019 | Length: 20 Wks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 0

Inspired Healthy Living: Healthy Eating

On this course, you will learn how to cook in a nutritious and healthy way as well as gaining tips on being successful in weight loss. You will build your own cook book, design the recipes, cook the meals and then serve them up to your family and friends on your graduation. It’s a way of cooking and eating that is designed to help you be healthier - it will help with losing weight but it’s also for the whole family to enjoy and live a happier, healthier lifestyle. | Start date Monday 25/02/2019 | Length: 6 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 30

Retail and Customer Service Level 1 **ACCREDITED**

This course aims to raise awareness of the skills of retails, selling and customer service, providing a qualification to support employment in the retail and related sectors. It is ideal for people looking to work in the retail sector or other customer-facing environments. The course will also include a recognised qualification in Health & Safety. | Start date Tuesday 26/02/2019 | Length: 3 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 80

Introduction to Becoming a Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants support teachers and help children and adults with their educational and social development, both in and out of the classroom. This course aims to provide you with a more detailed understanding of the role of a teaching assistant, the qualifications you need to pursue this career and the experience you might gain to help you progress. The tutor will also support you with both educational and employment applications for teaching assistant related courses and jobs. | Start date Monday 04/03/2019 | Length: 5 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 15

Reflexology- Introduction

Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. This course will cover a brief history of reflexology and explain how it works. You will learn the different pressure points and how to perform a treatment. | Start date Tuesday 05/03/2019 | Length: 5 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 15

Maths - Functional Skills Level 2 **ACCREDITED**

Functional Maths helps you to develop a wide range of maths skills including number, decimals, fractions, measurement, area, volume and data collection/statistics. The course emphasises the application of maths to everyday and work situations. Helps progression to GCSE Maths. | Start date Thursday 07/03/2019 | Length: 16 Wks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 0

Beginners IT DNWL

| Start date Friday 08/03/2019 | Length: 7 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 10

Developing a Positive Mindset

A positive mindset is the sum of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions that cause you to respond positively to negative events, and therefore to make the best of any set of circumstances. It is important to develop a positive mental attitude because we all face a steady flow of setbacks. Developing a positive mindset helps you to stay strong, especially during tough times so book your place on this course today! | Start date Friday 08/03/2019 | Length: 3 weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 15

English - Functional Skills Level 2 **ACCREDITED**

Functional Skills is a full certificate programme which helps you to develop your reading, writing and speaking and listening. You will be required to apply these skills to everyday and business situations. The course helps progression to GCSE English. | Start date Friday 08/03/2019 | Length: 16 week | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 0

Food Safety Level 2 **ACCREDITED**

This essential course covers the causes of food poisoning, contamination, high risk foods and much more to help you to adopt safe working practices in the handling of food in work or community settings. | Start date Tuesday 12/03/2019 | Length: 1 Day | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 30

Spanish for Beginners

This "Basic Spanish" course is designed for people who would like to learn more about Spain and be able to engage in basic Spanish conversation.  You will explore Spanish culture, food and the top Spanish places for tourists.  You will learn to conduct introductions, order drinks in a café, book a hotel room, read road signs and buy a train ticket – all in Spanish.   You will do all of this in a relaxed atmosphere where you can learn and have fun at the same time. | Start date Tuesday 23/04/2019 | Length: 12 week | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 15

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils - Introduction

Aromatherapy is a form of holistic therapy that uses essential oils to help improve and balance you both emotionally and physically. It helps you to take time out for yourself, to be mindful and to reconnect with yourself, even for a moment. This course will cover a brief history of aromatherapy, provide you with an understanding of essential oils properties and how to blend and apply oils. It will also include the use of oils for health and well-being. | Start date Tuesday 30/04/2019 | Length: TBC | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 15

Screen Printing

All art has its benefits and screen printing is no different. The excitement of finalising a design and then lifting your screen to reveal your print is a therapeutic process that makes you want to come back for more. In this workshop we will look at botanical inspiration for your designs. You will be making your own stencils and taking away with you a finished product of either a cotton tea towel or cotton shopping bag. Please note there is a £20 materials charge for this course in addition to the course fee. | Start date Monday 03/06/2019 | Length: 5 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 30

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