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CLIP has been working in Gainsborough since 2008, and recently moved premises from The Foundry Learning Centre to The Bridge. We offer a programme for 16-18s called Flare as well as accredited and non-accredited courses for adults.

We support those looking for employment through our weekly Job Club (Friday mornings 10.00 – 12.00) and are happy to assist anyone looking to explore their learning options.

Free computer access is also available.

Opening Times
  • Mon: 1200 – 1500
  • Tue: 0900 – 1500
  • Wed: 0900 – 1500
  • Thu: 0090 – 1500
  • Fri: 0900 – 1500



The Centre has disabled access to the downstairs computer room/classroom and courses will be scheduled according to the needs of our learners.

On site disabled car parking is available on request.

Equality and Diversity


CG Partnership as an organization is committed to ensuring equal access to education and training for all potential learners (within funding provision eligibility).
We acknowledge the unique contribution that all learners, volunteers and our staff team members bring in terms of their culture, ethnicity, race, age, religion, disability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, education, experiences, opinions and beliefs.

Have a look at our Equality and Diversity page to know more...


Centre Provision

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Forthcoming Courses

NOTE: Concessions are usually available for learners who are retired or claiming benefits

Understanding Autism/Asperger's

This course will look at the typical signs and symptoms associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, its possible causes and potential therapies/management. All those interested are encourage to come along; no previous knowledge is necessary. | Start date Friday 16/11/2018 | Length: 5 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 15

Emergency First Aid (Qualsafe Level 3)

Everyone should do this course! It includes a wide range of tasks relating to managing an emergency – examination of the casualty, unconsciousness, control of bleeding, burns/scalds and using an automatic defibrillator. There is a test at the end of the day to achieve the certificate. | Start date Monday 19/11/2018 | Length: 1 Day | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 30

Improvers IT DNWL

| Start date Friday 11/01/2019 | Length: 7 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 10

Brush Up Your Spelling, Punctuation and Grammer

This course will look at the nuts and bolts of English – improving spelling (focussing on the 100 most commonly misspelt words), using punctuation correctly (especially commas and apostrophes!) and refreshing grammar rules. It’s for anyone at any level who has forgotten their school lessons or was never taught in the first place! | Start date Friday 11/01/2019 | Length: 5 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 0

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils - Introduction

Aromatherapy is a form of holistic therapy that uses essential oils to help improve and balance you both emotionally and physically. It helps you to take time out for yourself, to be mindful and to reconnect with yourself, even for a moment. This course will cover a brief history of aromatherapy, provide you with an understanding of essential oils properties and how to blend and apply oils. It will also include the use of oils for health and well-being. | Start date Tuesday 15/01/2019 | Length: 5 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 15

Beginners IT DNWL

| Start date Friday 08/03/2019 | Length: 7 Weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 10

Developing a Positive Mindset

A positive mindset is the sum of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions that cause you to respond positively to negative events, and therefore to make the best of any set of circumstances. It is important to develop a positive mental attitude because we all face a steady flow of setbacks. Developing a positive mindset helps you to stay strong, especially during tough times so book your place on this course today. | Start date Friday 08/03/2019 | Length: 3 weeks | Centre: Gainsborough_BRG | Cost: £ 15

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