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The Learning Centre in Mablethorpe has been open since 2008. We offer a programme for 16-18s called Flare as well as accredited and non-accredited courses for adults.

We support those looking for employment through our weekly Job Club (Thursday mornings 10.00 – 12.00) and are happy to assist anyone looking to explore their learning options.

Free computer access is also available.

Opening Times
  • Mon: 1200 - 1530
  • Tue: 0830 - 1530
  • Wed: 0830 - 1530
  • Thu: 0830 - 1530
  • Fri: 0830 - 1500


The Centre has full disabled access to the rooms/classrooms.

On site disabled car parking is available.

Equality and Diversity

CG Partnership as an organization is committed to ensuring equal access to education and training for all potential learners (within funding provision eligibility).
We acknowledge the unique contribution that all learners, volunteers and our staff team members bring in terms of their culture, ethnicity, race, age, religion, disability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, education, experiences, opinions and beliefs.

Have a look at our Equality and Diversity page to know more...


Centre Provision

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Forthcoming Courses

NOTE: Concessions are usually available for learners who are retired or claiming benefits.

Digital Photography for Improvers - for business and leisure

This course looks to develop further the basic photographic skills learnt on the CLIP Digital Photography for Beginners course (although this can also be undertaken as a stand-alone course). It looks to put learners in control of their cameras by understanding camera settings whilst avoiding getting bogged down in technical jargon! Tutor: Stewart Wall | Start date Monday 05/11/2018 | Length: 4 weeks | Centre: Mablethorpe | Cost: £ 15

Everyday herbs and their benefits

Herbs have been used for centuries as part of healing and well-being practices. This course aims to explore a range of everyday herbs and their benefits, in cooking, in well-being and for other general uses. Tutor: Loretta Rivett | Start date Tuesday 06/11/2018 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Mablethorpe | Cost: £ 15

Making the most of your garden in Autumn/Winter

Find out what to do in the garden at this time of the year and then do it! This short course will help you identify what plants can provide interest in the garden during the autumn and winter months and how to help them do so! Tutor: Loretta Rivett | Start date Tuesday 06/11/2018 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Mablethorpe | Cost: £ 15

Computing for beginners

Worried about using computers? This course gets you over the barrier of turning the computer on and teaches basic mouse and keyboard techniques, learning how to create a simple document and how to save and print, use email for sending and receiving messages and basic internet uses for everyday tasks. An ideal course for those that have never used a computer before. Tutor: Nicky Gadd | Start date Friday 09/11/2018 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Mablethorpe | Cost: £ 15

e-Book Publishing

When authors think about publishing, they are often focused on print, but putting out an e-Book can be a much better idea! This course will explain why self-publishing an eBook can be a good idea, guide you how to format an eBook for self-publication, and introduce the specific sites available for self-publishing eBooks. Tutor: Sarah Coyne | Start date Friday 09/11/2018 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Mablethorpe | Cost: £ 15

Introduction to counselling

Aiming to introduce learners to the use of counselling in work and everyday life situations, this introductory course hopes to increase self-awareness and provide learners with an opportunity to explore their own development and further training needs. | Start date Friday 09/11/2018 | Length: 3 weeks | Centre: Mablethorpe | Cost: £ 15

Makaton - Foundation

This course is recommended for professionals who need to use Makaton in their work and/ or people who require in-depth Makaton training. You will learn: signs and symbols from Core Vocabulary Stages 1-4 + Additional; research into sign and symbol use; symbol design themes and an overview of alternatives. Makaton Foundation Certificate awarded upon completion. Tutor: Richard Fish | Start date Saturday 10/11/2018 | Length: 2 days | Centre: Mablethorpe | Cost: £ 45

Mindfulness and resilience

Paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings and to the world around you can improve your overall wellbeing. The course aims to provide you with some of the tools to develop mindfulness in your day to day life. Tutor: Sam Rea | Start date Wednesday 14/11/2018 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Mablethorpe | Cost: £ 15

Parenting with confidence

Being confident in your parenting skills helps you engage and respond better to your children, and manage all the stresses and challenges that come along. It also helps you to be positive around your children, enjoy parenting more, and develop stronger relationships within your family. This course hopes to help you build that confidence and support yourself and other learners. Tutor: Barbara Hancock | Start date Wednesday 14/11/2018 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Mablethorpe | Cost: £ 15

Art for relaxation

Discover how art can help you to relax your mind, boost your creative confidence and encourage a feeling of wellbeing. By opening our eyes to the world around us we can find inspiration in the most unexpected places. We will explore a world of pattern, texture and you will develop skills in drawing, seeing, using colour and letting the mind creatively wonder. | Start date Thursday 15/11/2018 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Mablethorpe | Cost: £ 15

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