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Market Rasen

The Learning Centre in Market Rasen has been open since 2000. We offer a programme for 16-18s called Flare as well as accredited and non-accredited courses for adults.

Reception is in Café CLIP, 8 Queen Street.

Support is also available for those wanting to develop their computer skills, seek employment or further training. We hold a weekly Job Club on Tuesday mornings 10.00 - 12.00.

Opening Times
  • Mon: 1100 – 1600
  • Tue: 0900 – 1600
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  • Thu: 0900 – 1600
  • Fri: 0900 – 1500

  • Café Clip
  • Mon-Fri: 9.30 – 13.30



The Centre has full disabled access to the rooms/classrooms.

On site disabled car parking is available.

Equality and Diversity


CLIP as an organization is committed to ensuring equal access to education and training for all potential learners (within funding provision eligibility).
We acknowledge the unique contribution that all learners, volunteers and our staff team members bring in terms of their culture, ethnicity, race, age, religion, disability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, education, experiences, opinions and beliefs.

Have a look at our Equality and Diversity page to know more...


Centre Provision

Adult Courses Apprenticeships Foundation Learning

Forthcoming Courses

NOTE: Concessions are usually available for learners who are retired or claiming benefits.

Yoga for Wellbeing

The aim of this course is to give an introduction to Yoga and its benefits. There will be a mix of practical and information sessions and it is intended that the learner will gain a better understanding of how their body ticks and the ways in which they can improve their wellbeing. Tutor: Atma Kaur | Start date Friday 25/01/2019 | Length: 10 week | Centre: Market Rasen HR | Cost: £ 30

Horticulture and Amenity Horticulture - Certificate Level 2

The aim of this course is to enable students to explore Horticulture as a career pathway. You will develop practical skills such as plant selection, propagation, planting and maintenance as well as exploring responsible work practice within the landbased industries. Tutor: Loretta Rivett | Start date Friday 01/02/2019 | Length: 20 week | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 120

English - Functional Skills Entry/Level 1

The course starts with basic work in reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation. The course will then continue to develop your everyday English skills – reading different types of document and improving writing – sentence construction, paragraphs, basic letter writing and completing forms. It enables possible progression to Level 1/Level 2 Functional English. | Start date Tuesday 05/02/2019 | Length: 20 week | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 0

Food Safety Level 2

This essential course covers the causes of food poisoning, contamination, high risk foods and much more to help you to adopt safe working practices in the handling of food in work or community settings. Tutor: Julia Vause | Start date Monday 11/02/2019 | Length: 1 day | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 30

Developing a Positive Mindset

A positive mindset is the sum of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions that cause you to respond positively to negative events, and therefore to make the best of any set of circumstances. It is important to develop a positive mental attitude because we all face a steady flow of setbacks. Developing a positive mindset helps you to stay strong, especially during tough times so book your place on this course today. Tutor: Barbara Hancock | Start date Monday 25/02/2019 | Length: 3 weeks | Centre: Market Rasen MS | Cost: £ 15

IT User Skills - Certificate Level 1

This qualification is ideal for learners wishing to develop their practical IT skills further in order to work confidently, effectively and independently at work or at home. Units will include IT for Productivity, Word Processing, Email and business software such as Spreadsheets or PowerPoint. Students will prepare a portfolio for assessment (with support). Some previous IT familiarity is necessary. Tutor: Peter Rae | Start date Tuesday 26/02/2019 | Length: 12 week | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 120

English - Functional Skills Level 2

Functional English is a full certificate programme which helps you to develop your reading, writing and speaking and listening. You will be required to apply these skills to everyday and business situations. The course helps progression to GCSE English. Tutor: Liz Stradling | Start date Wednesday 27/02/2019 | Length: 16 week | Centre: Market Rasen MS | Cost: £ 0

Psychology - Certificate Level 2

This course provides a fairly in-depth introduction to academic psychology. We will look at theories and practical research in the areas of developmental psychology (cognitive and moral development), cognition (memory and attention) and social psychology (group processes, prejudice, attraction). It would be useful for further study eg. on an Access to HE course or for general interest. Tutor: Janet Farr | Start date Thursday 28/02/2019 | Length: 14 week | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 120

Starting Your Own Business

Self-employment is growing, and this course aims to support people who have an idea for a business but who don’t know where to start. It will include identifying and tuning a business idea, marketing and promotion, the legal aspects of self-employment, along with financial forecasting and planning. Tutor: Charlotte Barnett | Start date Friday 01/03/2019 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 15

Paediatric First Aid - Qualsafe Level 3

This course is in line with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and meets the needs of Ofsted. It is suitable for Childminders, Nursery and School Staff (dealing with Foundation Stage) and anybody who deals with children and wants a more in-depth course. Tutor: Peter Jones | Start date Saturday 02/03/2019 | Length: 2 weeks | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 30

Brush Up Your Maths

This course is ideal if you want to start from the basics - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a relaxed and non-threatening environment. We shall apply skills to managing money and other practical situations like timetables and measuring for DIY. Tutor: Nigel Henry | Start date Tuesday 05/03/2019 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 0

'A Healthy Obsession' - Gardening to Benefit You, Wildlife and the Planet!

This course will explore the ways in which gardening can promote the health of the individual and the environment.  It will include organic gardening, encouraging wildlife and ways to achieve maximum enjoyment of your garden. Tutor: Loretta Rivett | Start date Tuesday 05/03/2019 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 15

Gardening for Improvers - Understanding Plant Names

This course is for those who want to understand and learn more about the scientific names of plants - why they are used and what they mean. It will look at the naming system used to help correctly identify the plants in your garden. Tutor: Loretta Rivett | Start date Tuesday 05/03/2019 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 15

Maths - Functional Skills Level 2

Functional Maths helps you to develop a wide range of maths skills including number, decimals, fractions, measurement, area, volume and data collection/statistics. The course emphasises the application of maths to everyday and work situations. Helps progression to GCSE Maths. Tutor: Mark Raisborough | Start date Thursday 07/03/2019 | Length: 16 week | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 0

Designing Posters and Other Resources - Using Publisher - Level 2

This short course will look at both the design and IT techniques required to produce a more creative and effective one-page product – whether it’s a poster, a flyer or a learning resource. You will produce work to be accredited at Level 2. Basic IT skills are required. Tutors: Elodie Mason and Janet Farr | Start date Thursday 07/03/2019 | Length: 4 weeks | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 12

Design Your Own Website

Would you like to understand how to design your own website? This course looks at different methods of creating a website with an emphasis on how to build a professional looking WordPress-based site that is extremely smooth and expert. You will have the option of making your site live by the end of the course. You will be able to add new text and photographs as well as invite people to look at it. Tutor: Stewart Wall | Start date Friday 08/03/2019 | Length: 5 weeks | Centre: Market Rasen QS | Cost: £ 15

The courses displayed above are real time interfaced with our course booking application.

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